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Tips for College Thesis Writing

04 February 2020

A college thesis is an extremely challenging document. This type of paper is all-encompassing and is often known as a dissertation. A dissertation is a lengthy compilation of papers that require research, documentation, and analysis. During the course of your education, you may have to write a variety of dissertations at college, high school, and university. Due to this fact, it is important to understand how to create an effective thesis that will get the grades you desire. Moreover, it is important to know how you can obtain help.

In this article, we look specifically at college thesis writing. We describe what this type of paper is, and offer a wealth of advice relating to writing a quality dissertation:

Thesis Writing

What is a thesis?

First and foremost, you must have a clear understanding of what a thesis is. There are many different types of documents you will come across during your education – research papers, assignments, coursework, and master papers. In the paragraphs below, we have provided a basic description of both a thesis and a thesis statement – there is a difference and it is important to know this:

Thesis Statement

People often confuse a thesis statement and a thesis. There is a distinction, and you must be aware of what both terms mean. A thesis statement is a small paragraph that includes a statement of fact and an opinion about that fact. This statement is usually included at the end of an essay introduction. It clearly states your intentions, the main argument, and what you intend to do, to prove or disprove the question.

A thesis statement should clearly list the main argument. It should also list your argument (although you shouldn’t state this in the first person), and any counter-arguments that are important. Moreover, it should be concise, straightforward, and factual as opposed to flashy.

Thesis Paper

In contrast, a thesis paper is a lengthy document relating to a particular subject or question. As mentioned previously, this is often known as a dissertation. Students often choose the subject and question of their thesis. A document like this could take up a whole year of study or even several years, depending on the related qualification or degree. Oftentimes, a thesis is completed in the senior year of college or university. A thesis commonly includes:

– A thesis statement
– Discussions of a certain subject
– Scholarly citations
– Wide variety of research
– An abstract relating to the subject
– A clear table of contents

It is important to understand the difference between a statement and thesis paper – the level of work and effort involved varies greatly!

How can you formulate a high-quality thesis for your college paper?

Now that you understand what a thesis is, we can provide a host of tips relating to how to create a high-quality dissertation. There is a myriad of common inclusions that are expected when writing a thesis. Moreover, there are common formats and expected layouts, for example. We understand that writing a dissertation is a challenging task, this is why we have created this extensive list of tips for your benefit:

Choose a subject that you are interested in

Firstly, choosing the correct subject and title is hugely important. When creating a thesis, you can generally choose your own subject within the boundaries and scope of the course. For example, if you are studying the history of WWI, you could choose a thesis subject relating to a specific battle, year, or army, for example. Choosing a part of the subject that you are interested in will provide greater motivation when completing your thesis. Furthermore, it will make the process more enjoyable.

Choose a subject that has well-documented research for both sides of the argument

Not only should you choose a subject that you have a personal preference for, but the subject should also have an abundance of research. Research makes a large part of your thesis – therefore, if you choose an obscure subject that has poor documentation, you may struggle to meet the required word count. Furthermore, you may struggle to create a convincing argument and find information that relates to either side of the argument. Research is a key element of a thesis – ensure you have enough to work with!

Create a clear table of contents

A clear table of contents is a must for a thesis. Consider including the following:

– Introduction
– Methods
– Results
– Discussion
– Conclusion
– Recommendations
– Acknowledgments
– References
– Appendices

In addition to the above, this type of document also commonly includes a list of figures and tables used in the text. These two items are usually included at the start of the thesis. Ensure that this table of contents is clear, and includes page numbers, and sub-headings of each section. A table like this is not only useful for the reader, it also helps you keep track of progress.

Gather a host of reliable research and citations

As mentioned above, research is hugely important for thesis papers. The research you use provides evidence for and against your argument. Moreover, you must use the research to help draw conclusions on your original thesis statement. It is important to gather many different research sources – don’t simply rely on one type of research, or a couple of sources. Gather sources from various different locations. Moreover, it is vital to ensure that any research used is reputable and not plagiarized.

Write each section separately in a logical order

Although you have created a table of contents, this doesn’t mean that you have to write your thesis in that order. Create your paper in a logical manner that is easy to write. Furthermore, ensure that you tackle each section separately – this will make the whole paper easier to write. If you do gain ideas for different parts of the text, simply make notes so that you don’t forget valuable information. Refer back to your table of contents so you can be sure that you have done all the necessary work.

Ensure references are quoted in the correct format

Including references in your work is essential. This shows that you, as a writer, have looked at different opinions and have considered various arguments. Furthermore, it shows that you have actual evidence to back up your thesis statement. Any references included must be quoted in the correct format. At the start of your assignment, your professor should state what format references are to be quoted. Ensure that you understand the required format, and include references in this exact way.

Create a preliminary draft and revise accordingly

As with any form of a document, creating a draft version first is advisable. Once you have created a draft, you can then proofread your thesis and revise it accordingly. Due to the length of a thesis, it could prove better to create drafts of each section and revise them before progressing to the next stage. This would be easier to manage as opposed to proof-reading the whole document and trying to process that much information at once.


Consider using custom thesis writing services

We hope you have found the above tips beneficial. It is important that your thesis is high-quality. This is a detailed document that can carry a large weight of your overall grade. Professors are looking for certain things and expect your thesis to obey certain traditions and formats. If you require assistance and are struggling for time, you could opt to use writing services for your thesis or master’s dissertation.

Using a service like this can really help you in a tight situation. Let’s say, for example, you have created the outline and performed research for your paper – you just simply don’t have time to dedicate to complete it fully. We understand that regardless of how effective you are at time management, there may be instances where help is unavoidable. Using the best writing service would help provide additional time so that you could concentrate on other aspects of your education.

A custom writing service is an effective way to gain help and manage your schoolwork. Services like these are efficient, affordable, and high-quality. Furthermore, the whole process is usually stress-free and straightforward. You could simply order a custom paper for your thesis, and have it delivered with plenty of time to spare.

Whichever method you choose – whether a writing service or using the above tips; don’t underestimate the importance of a thesis. This is a challenging document that must be given due thought and consideration. Utilize these tips and further your knowledge of writing – your education and future prospects will benefit as a result!

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Philosophy Essay Writing Tips

10 February 2020

Philosophy is a deep subject to study with immense scope for learning. The study of the nature of knowledge and reality cover’s a huge range of subjects – from religion, and science, to finance, ethics, and logical behavior. If you have chosen philosophy as a subject, you must be prepared to create detailed essays that argue a certain point or strand of belief. These papers are notoriously difficult and are some of the hardest students must write.

This is why we have created an article containing insight and tips into writing philosophy papers. Read on to find out what these papers typically contain, how to improve your writing style, and mistakes to avoid making:

How are Philosophy essays typically formed?

Philosophy papers are extremely different from other essay types. Firstly, it is not a medium for self-expression. Secondly, it is not a research paper. Thirdly, it is not just a simple compilation of scholarly thought on a particular subject. Fourthly, it is not meant to show new experiments and findings. A philosophy essay should be a reasonable defense of a thesis.

You, the writer, create a thesis. This is your aim – what you are trying to show to the reader. A thesis contains your main arguments and the point you want to prove or disprove. This concise statement should then be defended throughout the rest of your document with well-reasoned arguments, research, and evidence. Philosophical essays use rational persuasion instead of emotive language. Furthermore, they use other cited arguments to try and convince the reader of your original thesis. It is important to bear these pointers in mind when creating your text, as they can affect how you write.


7 Philosophy essay writing tips

Understanding the standard format and inclusions for philosophy essays is important. This is only a small portion of the advice we have, however. There is a myriad of common tips to utilize when writing such a paper including the following 7 tips listed below:

Have a clear idea of your subject and argument

Firstly, you must understand what you are writing about. This holds true for any type of paper. If you start writing immediately, you could miss important pointers. Furthermore, your arguments and reasoning could become confused. Ideally, you should already have sound knowledge of the subject through your studies. Regardless, spend time taking notes, and writing the central trains of thought relating to your subject and title.

Create a logical essay structure

Secondly, before writing any content, you must define the structure of your text. This is another fantastic tip that can be used for any type of assignment. Creating a plan and an essay outline helps keep your thoughts focused. Furthermore, it ensures that your text flows naturally and logically. Ideally, a philosophical text should start with an introduction and a thesis. You should then discuss the main arguments and give your evidence. Finally, a conclusion should be given in which you reiterate the arguments and the points in your thesis.

Back any arguments with evidence and reasoning

When creating a philosophy essay, it is not enough to merely state arguments. Anyone can write a particular argument to reiterate a thesis. Creating a great philosophy essay requires providing evidence. Cite sources and quote literature and speech from notable scholars. The more evidence you can give, the greater the weight your argument will have. If you use evidence, ensure that you understand where your source came from, who said it, and that the text is legitimate.

Always cite references and give due credit

Building on the above point, if you use references, you must cite them in the correct format. Philosophy essays usually have strict guidelines for including citations. In most instances, this will be specified at the start of your course, by your teacher, or in the assignment instructions. Ensure that you understand the citation rules and how to insert the text correctly into your paper.

Consider objections to your argument

A true philosopher will consider both sides of the argument. Furthermore, to create a fantastic philosophy essay, you must consider counter-arguments and the objections that people may raise to your train of thought. If you can anticipate objections, you can create counter arguments to strengthen your case further. Choose your words carefully

Philosophy essay

Using correct words, verbiage and grammar are extremely important for philosophical essays. Ensure that you consider important words and their meaning. Furthermore, ensure that the words you choose cannot be misconstrued or interpreted incorrectly. Don’t fill your text with intellectual words if you don’t know or understand their meaning. Moreover, don’t use needlessly complicated language, if you can make your argument in fewer words.

Ensure your writing is clear and concise

Some great philosophers tend to waffle. There are many lengthy manuscripts and documents with huge essays. You don’t have to spiel lengthy sentences to reiterate your argument. Furthermore, you don’t need to overcomplicate your language to give extra weight to your essay. Ensure your language is concise and clear. Try to use small sentences.

4 Philosophy essay mistakes to avoid

Now that we have looked at how to write this type of essay, we should also discuss things to avoid. There is a host of common mistakes that students regularly make when creating written documents. Indeed, many of these mistakes should be avoided for essay writing in general. That being said, these four mistakes are vital to avoid philosophy essays in particular:

1. Do not write a lengthy introduction

The introduction to a philosophical essay should be clear and concise. Ideally, it should only be a few short paragraphs in length. Writing an introduction that is pages long will make the reader lose interest. Furthermore, by the time the user jumps into the actual arguments and evidence, their mind may be too sluggish from reading your lengthy intro, to comprehend what’s being written. An introduction should introduce the subject briefly. Furthermore, it should contain your thesis, nothing else.

2. Be direct in your conclusions

When developing a paper like this, you must be clear in your arguments. Philosophical essays leave no room for “sitting on the fence”. If you are unclear in your arguments and waver in your conviction, the strength of your persuasive writing will diminish. Always try to be direct in your conclusions and show clearly which side of the argument the evidence supports. Furthermore, do not create your paper and provide a conclusive argument, only to fall at the conclusion and state that you cannot reach a conclusion against your thesis – be bold.

3. Do not make jokes or act cute

Novice writers make the mistake of injecting humor into their philosophical arguments. Moreover, they may try to make the tone lighthearted and included jokes. This is something you should not do. This type of text should be simple, dignified, and logical. The subject matter is not a joke. To cheapen your writing with humor only works against you – it weakens your arguments and makes your writing appear less authoritative. Other types of essays may allow for humor, but not philosophical texts.

4. Do not beg the question

“Begging the question”, is also known as creating circular reasoning. This is where you formulate a pre-determined opinion or preposition of something that you are arguing. Essentially, you create a thesis statement and determine that it is true in that same statement before you have given any evidence or reasoning. Begging the question diminishes your argument. Furthermore, it sways the readers’ opinion without giving them a chance to read your material and create their own conclusions without predisposition. Create a thesis that outlines your argument, but doesn’t force what you are saying to be true immediately – this is what the rest of the essay is for – to discuss and build up a valid argument.

Hopefully, you have found this article useful. We understand that writing philosophy essays can be daunting. To write an effective philosophy essay requires dedication, skill, and a great eye for detail. Furthermore, you must be able to create a logical argument and use reasoning and evidence to convey your message. When producing your new political, science, or finance essay on philosophy, ensure to use these tips to do your advantage. You should be able to develop a well-written paper, with clear arguments, and an easy-to-follow structure.

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Editing Your Paper for Free? Here is how

13 February 2020

Throughout your education, you have to complete different tasks – revision, examinations, homework, and assignments, for example. One process that is sometimes overlooked is editing essays. As you will see below, editing is an important process that can have a large bearing on the overall quality of your papers. We understand the importance of this task and have thus provided a range of ways that you can edit your paper for free. We look at manual editing, and we also discuss several automatic editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor:

Why is editing an important process?

Proofreading and editing is a vital process when completing any assignment. Consider this; you have spent hours researching and writing a compelling essay. You feel that the writing is high quality and that you have met the assignment requirements fully. On submission, you are astounded to find that you have scored below the marks you expected – you look at the returned document and notice a large amount of spelling and grammar errors and simple mistakes concerning sentence structure.

Editing paper

A scenario like this can easily be avoided. How? By proofreading and editing! If you had spent time proofreading your document, those simple errors would have been eliminated beforehand. Your paper would have been perfect, and you would have gained the marks you wanted. This is why editing is important! You can remove simple mistakes that could potentially be costly. In the sections below, we discuss different proofreading methods so that you can submit fantastic error-free essays:

Editing your essay for free – manually

Firstly, let’s look at how you can edit papers yourself. If you have enough free time and have managed your workload effectively, you may be able to proofread documents yourself. Editing documents yourself will benefit your writing skills in the future – you will have a greater understanding of common mistakes you make. Furthermore, your writing style will improve as you learn to avoid making those same mistakes again. In the section below, we have created a simple 4-step process you can follow to proofread documents:

1. Re-read the document thoroughly

To start, you should re-read the document from start to finish. Don’t scan the paper – if you scan, your brain may miss simple mistakes. Read each sentence and word fully and ensure that you take it all in. During this first re-read, you may notice errors and improvements that you can make. Furthermore, re-reading the document will help refresh your memory – you may have handed the document in weeks ago, for example, and your memory of the contents may be lax.

2. Check for basic spelling and grammar errors

Once you have read through the whole document, now you can look for simple spelling and grammar errors. If you have typed a copy of your essay, this should be easier – using a program like Microsoft Word should automatically underline any errors. If you have written the document, this process will take a little longer. As with step 1, read through the paper carefully. Check each word – is the word spelled correctly? Are the words used in the right context? Have you used the correct version of the words? Spelling and grammar errors should be easy to pick out but this is an important process.

3. Look at sentence structure and word order

Next, you must look at the actual sentence structure and word order. Spelling and grammar are important, but ensuring that your sentences read properly is also vital. Re-read whole sentences and paragraphs. Do the sentences read properly? Do they make sense? Could you improve the order of words so that the sentences are more coherent? You may have written sentences originally that sounded fantastic. Sometimes re-reading sentences give you a fresh perspective and what you thought read well could be improved.

4. Check sentence length and use of complicated language

The final stage of proofreading is to look at the length and complication of your sentences and paragraphs. A common mistake students make is to write overly complex sentences. Furthermore, they may use a needlessly, complicated language where concise words would work better. This step is harder to compartmentalize. You are using your judgment and knowledge here. Essentially, you must read through each sentence and paragraphs as a whole. You can then determine if the sentences are too long, or if you need to use additional punctuation to break up long paragraphs.

5. Perform a final proofread

To finish the editing process, we advise reading the document a final time. Why? Regardless of how thorough you have been, you may have missed something. Reading the document one last time will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your essay and that you have picked up any additional errors. Furthermore, you can read the document through, and ensure that you are happy with the contents and that you have addressed any issues your professor has outlined.

Editing your essay for free – automatic checking tools

Whilst proofreading your papers is beneficial, this is not always possible. There may be instances where you simply don’t have the time. For example, you may have tight deadlines or have several essays to complete for the same date. Moreover, you may have already edited your document, but you may feel that it needs additional attention that is above your skill or understanding. This is where using an automatic checking tool can help.

Automatic checking tools used advanced algorithms and web crawling techniques to spot errors in your submitted documents. These tools are highly advanced and can scan through whole essays in seconds. The correction tools have in-depth AI knowledge and learning built-in so that they can recognize things like spelling and grammar mistakes, and even sentence structure improvements. Using a tool like this is an effective way to edit your documents.

You can upload the document, and have the results with a list of corrections to be made in less than a minute. If you are short on time, using a service like this is one of the best ways to edit your papers. To demonstrate the effectiveness, we have listed three popular tools below:

automatic editing


Grammarly is one of the most popular editing tools available. This online tool has both free and premium versions. The free versions are comprehensive and scans documents for simple grammar and spelling mistakes. It also looks at the incorrect use of words and suggests basic improvements to your sentences.

In addition to this, Grammarly is extremely easy to use. You have to create an account using a valid email address, but it is free to use. You can then upload documents or paste text using the online editor. Alternatively, Grammarly is also available as a plugin for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and other text editors. This combination of flexibility, and ease of use, make Grammarly a superb tool to use.

Hemingway Editor

Whilst Grammarly concentrates on correcting errors, the Hemingway Editor concentrates on making your text clear and concise. This advanced editing tool provides a wealth of information to improve your sentence structure and word usage. Specifically, this editor highlights the misuse of the passive tense, over-complicated sentences, and words that weaken the overall sentence structure. To gain an overall idea of the quality of your text, Hemingway provides a grade score – this is out of 100 and shows how much the document could be improved.

Cliché Finder

Using clichés in your writing reduces the overall quality and meaning. It lessens the impact of your message as you are relying on phrases that thousands of people have used before. This is why the cliché finder is such a useful editing tool. Simply copy and paste your text into the online editor. Once the text has been scanned, any clichés that are found are highlighted. This is a simple way to improve the quality of your writing and make it authoritative.

We hope you have found this document useful. We can’t stress the importance of editing enough. It takes time and effort to write essays and assignments to start with. Why let all that hard work go to waste by not proofreading and checking your document afterward? Take editing seriously and ensure that your papers are written to the best of your ability. Whether you proofread manually or use an automatic tool like Grammarly, be thorough and allow sufficient time for the editing process!

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Assignment Help for College Students

04 March 2020

We live in an age where students have a range of tools and services at their disposal. College work is becoming increasingly difficult therefore, any services that students can utilize are invaluable. One type of service available is a professional assignment help for students. In the below text, we look at why a service like this could be beneficial. Furthermore, we look at what professional assignment help entails and how it works. If you are struggling to cope with your college work, or simply need a push in the right direction, read on to find the solution!

The problem – difficult assignments and no time

You must first understand why a service like this could be useful. Modern education is extremely demanding. Never before have students had to cope with such a high workload? Furthermore, education in itself is essential. Gaining qualifications helps with your future progression. In addition to this, it can help you gain the career that you desire. The following are some of the problems that students face in high school, college, and university:

College students are often overworked

Many people think that students have it easy. It is a common misconception that college and high school students are lazy and don’t do any work. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As a student, you know just how much work you have to balance. Firstly, you are studying multiple subjects – history, science, English, math, etc. Juggling those different subjects and retaining knowledge is a difficult task in itself.

Secondly, you are often bombarded with multiple assignments, term papers, and research papers for each of these subjects. Thirdly, you have exams to prepare and revise for. There is so much work to contend with that you may feel overworked.

Assignment Help

Achieving a work/life balance is difficult

It is a known fact that humans must have a work/life balance. This is a proven train of thought spanning back to the 1970s. A work/life balance is where your home life, work-life, and family life should be equal in importance. If one particular aspect of your life takes precedent – like schoolwork, the other aspects of your life can suffer, and this can lead to potential health issues.

Essentially, students may struggle to achieve that balance. As mentioned above, college is extremely demanding. Students work long hours at school. Furthermore, they may have to work at home too to keep up to date with homework and revision. School is the main factor that could reduce the time for family and personal pursuits.

Assignments can be difficult and demanding

In addition to the above, we have to consider the actual difficulty of the assignments themselves. College work is demanding and the tasks set often require research, and hours upon hours of drafting, writing, and proofreading. This is just for a single subject – imagine this difficulty level multiplied for every subject the students undertake?

The difficulty level can lead to additional stress and strain for students. It can cause extreme pressure and it is not uncommon for students to suffer from mental ailments, simply from trying to cope with their workload. Everyone has their breaking point and students aren’t infallible.

Time is not always a luxury we have

Finally, we have to consider the availability of time. Throughout our lives, we have to contend with situations where we simply don’t have enough time. Students may face this daily. They have to attend different lessons and lectures.

Furthermore, they have to complete homework and revision. This doesn’t include any out of college activities, spending time with family, or trying to earn money through a part-time job. Add these different activities up, and are students left at any time? Sometimes, seeking help is unavoidable because we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to do what we need to do.

The solution – using professional online writing services

Now that you understand the problems students face, we can offer a potential solution! There is always a way forward – you always have the means to improve your situation. If you are struggling with the above issues, we advise looking at a professional online writing service. This is a great way to help you in a tight situation. Furthermore, it allows you to concentrate on other things. In the below sections, we look at why this type of service is beneficial, and what you can expect when using one:

Benefits of using online writing services

Firstly, let’s look at why a service like this could be beneficial. We have outlined some of the main issues students face in the above paragraphs. Using an online writing service addresses most of these problems. We have listed some of the main benefits below:

– Free up time to concentrate on other areas of college
– Achieve a healthy work/life balance
– Ensure work is proofread and high quality

Freeing up additional time is hugely important. As mentioned previously, students have a huge workload to contend with. They have busy schedules that include lessons, studying, revision, and assignments. By using a professional online writing service, additional time could be given.

Achieving a healthy work/life balance is also important. By using an online writing service, you can concentrate on other areas of your life too. Firstly, you can ensure you have given equal time to all of your subjects. Secondly, you could spend more time with your family and friends. In addition to this, you could give yourself free time to do whatever you want!
 Finally, you can ensure that the work you do complete is exceptional quality so that you can achieve the grades you desire.

College assignment

How this type of service works?

So how does a professional writing service work? Usually, services like this are straightforward and easy to use. The businesses understand that students have limited time and, therefore, don’t want to spend hours completing complicated submission forms. Usually, the following process happens:

1. Students fill out a simple form detailing basic info like subject, title, and word count
2. Students then select a professional writer to work with
3. A small deposit is then usually required to finalize the service
4. The writer will then provide the help requested and submit any documents to you for approval
5. Once you are satisfied with the help given, full payment is made

The first three steps usually take minutes to complete. The forms are created in such a way that they can be quickly filled out. Furthermore, the professional writer will complete the work to meet deadlines that you have specified – this gives you great flexibility in your work. The whole process is easy, and the writer will work with you to provide you the help that you require.

How to find the best assignment writing service online?

We hope that you now understand a little more about this type of service and what it includes. It does come at an expense, but the cost is minimal and you only pay when you are satisfied with the work provided. To find the best assignment writing service online, you must consider your own needs. Look at the budget you can afford, the type of service you require, and the subjects you need help with. Understanding these points will help you select a suitable writing service.

Gain help today and manage your college work effectively

The worst thing you can do if you are struggling is to suffer in silence. Your education is important and you should take it seriously. If you are struggling to cope with the demands of college life, speak to someone! Speak to your parents and professors and let them help. Furthermore, using a professional writing service could alleviate some of that pressure and help you get back on track.

You should now have a clear idea of the problems you may face, and a means of solving them. Why not look at utilizing a service like the one described above today? You can have confidence in the service, and concentrate on other aspects of your education that may be lacking. Moreover, you can use the help provided to improve future essays and assignments that you are given.

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